Postcard Blogging Exchange: My Local Library

Book Bloggers International has created a new meme called Postcard Blogging Exchange. This month’s theme is Show Us Your Local Library.

My local library is the Lucia M. Tryon Branch Library in Pensacola, Florida. It’s part of the West Florida Public Library system. Lucia Tryon was the first chief librarian (1938) of our area’s public library system. The building is only a few years old.

I don’t usually get a chance to visit the main area of the library, especially now that I tend to borrow e-books, so the photos below focus on the children’s section. Besides plenty of seating (including some comfy overstuffed chairs), coloring sheets and puzzles are available for the kids, too. C goes straight for those when we arrive! I love how even though the space is small, it feels nice and open.
The photo in the upper right corner is the lobby area. There’s a room that serves as a small bookstore, as well as a few meeting rooms for public use (our homeschool group meets here).
Something else we love about this branch is the “natural playground” behind it. I don’t feel my photos do it justice. The landscaping is beautiful. There’s a “Born Learning Trail” with signs that give fun and easy activities for parents and children to do together (such as describing what you see and hear, or exercising fine and gross motor skills). There’s also a huge wooden pirate ship to play on, and a lovely gazebo with picnic tables.
Lately we’ve been going to the library on rainy days because C started to associate “going to the library” with “going to the park.” I have trouble getting her inside the library if the weather is nice!
So, that’s my local library! Visit Book Bloggers International to see who has linked up with their own virtual postcard. Consider posting one yourself and joining in our fun!
  • Love this!! I did a meme over the past year that is a bit similar to this and it was so fun to see everyone’s library. Wonder if it would be cheating to just link up my old post. 😉 Your daughter is adorable!! And it’s awesome that your library has a park behind it. We have only recently started heading to the library but Elle prefers to hole up in a basically empty room where she can shut the door and run around. No books–just empty space. Whatever kid!

    • I say, go ahead and link up the old post! 🙂

      That’s hilarious about Elle using the empty rooms. Kids are so funny!

  • What a great library! I love that it has a playground. That’s a good way to lure kids in 😉 I need to do a little post about my own library. I miss the good old Carnegie that I used to go to but we had to move onward and upward.

  • Oh wow, that is such an awesome library. A little Matilda in the making…

  • The natural playground sounds like such a cool idea! I haven’t yet visited a library that had that kind of interactive (and child-focused) outdoor area. And, on the other hand, that’s a good idea to remind your daughter about the wonders inside the library, by going there on rainy days 🙂