Requesting ARCs and Connecting with Friends on Edelweiss

When I first joined Edelweiss, I had a bit of trouble navigating the site and figuring out how to request review copies. Also, a couple of weeks ago they implemented an exciting new feature that allows registered users to connect with their peers.

I made this video walk-through which I hope will help some new book bloggers out there learn how to request ARCs on Edelweiss, as well as introduce all of us to the new friend feature.

  • I absolutely love Edelweiss, to the point that I’ve actually found myself using it more than NetGalley lately. This video is really great – hopefully it will get a few new users to check out the site! I really love the tag feature, too. I have a tag for books I want to request later, which has been really helpful.

  • Thanks for this! I need to try to use it more, but it doesn’t make my head spin a bit. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it soon.

  • I think I should look at Edelweiss… I’ve never tried it before. I do use NetGalley once in a while. Thanks for this video!

  • That DID help! I think Edelweiss intimidates me because it *looks* so complicated. Thanks for this video, I think I can get a handle on that site now! And yay, we’re friends on there now 🙂

  • This is sooooo helpful. I’ve only used Edelweiss once because I requested an ARC and the publisher said it was only available thru there. It worked fine but I found the site itself to be confusing so I haven’t gone back much since. Will be doing so now!

  • I’m so glad you all are finding the video helpful! Edelweiss is an amazing resource, definitely worth getting past the learning curve. (which I’m still doing!)

  • Thanks for this! I haven’t requested a ton of ARCs from Edelweiss, and the navigation is a nightmare!