Adventures with the Wife in Space by Neil Perryman

Adventures with the Wife in Space by Neil PerrymanAdventures with the Wife in Space: Living With Doctor Who by Neil Perryman, Sue Perryman
Published by Faber & Faber on January 1, 1970
Pages: 290
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Neil loves Sue. He also loves Doctor Who. But can he bring his two great loves together? And does he have the right?
In January 2011, Neil Perryman set out on an insane quest to make his wife Sue watch every episode of the classic series of Doctor Who from the very beginning. Even the ones that didn't exist any more. And so, over the next two and half years, Sue gamely watched them all: William Hartnell (the Miserable Git); Patrick Troughton (the Scruffy Drunk); Jon Pertwee (the Pompous Tory); Tom Baker (the Mad One); Peter Davison (the Fit One); Colin Baker (the Court Jester); Sylvester McCoy (the Crafty Sod) and Paul McGann (the One-Night Stand). The result was a wildly successful and hilariously revealing blog called Adventures with the Wife in Space.
But the adventure continues. From awkward years at school, terrified of giant insects, Daleks and rugby players, to even more awkward years as an adult, terrified of unexpected parenthood and being called a Whovian, here Neil tells the all too true story of life as a Doctor Who fan. Funny, honest and surprisingly brave, he also captures perfectly the joys - and fears - of sharing the thing you love with the people you love.
Adventures With the Wife in Space is, at its heart, the story of Doctor Who, and its fans, seen through the eyes of two people - one who knows almost nothing about the programme and another who knows way too much.

Adventures with the Wife in Space was born from Neil Perryman’s blog of the same title. Neil convinced his wife Sue to watch all of the classic Doctor Who episodes with him, while blogging about the experience and her reactions to each episode. Along the way, Neil reminisces about growing up with Doctor Who being such a huge part of his childhood.

This is definitely a book for fellow Whovians. If this kind of banter makes you laugh…

… then you must read the book! There are gems like this all over.

I appreciated Neil’s candor. I expected brutally honest reactions from Sue, but Neil was already a huge Doctor Who fan. Never fear! Neil is no fanboy. He has no qualms about saying a particular episode was downright awful. Because let’s face it: some of those old episodes were just that.

Spoiler alerts are all over the place, mostly pertaining to the original series, but a few current series spoilers, too. If you’re wanting to watch all the episodes and don’t want to know anything about the Doctor’s adventures, wait until you’re done watching before reading this book.

My spouse and I have tried watching all of the old episodes, but didn’t make it very far. We didn’t even get through the First Doctor. We’ve already tried again by making use of the fantastic appendices at the end of the book: Sue’s Scores and Sue’s Best and Worst offer a handy way to find classic episodes that don’t have us rolling our eyes and anxiously awaiting the credits.

Adventures with the Wife in Space is a fun, very entertaining read for any Doctor Who fan.

Doctor Who celebrates 50 years tomorrow! Will you be watching The Day of the Doctor, too?