ColorDict and StarDict: Using Foreign Language e-Dictionaries

The purpose of Foreign Language Friday is to encourage language learners to read, share, and discover books in languages other than their native language (in my case, Italian). Feel free to borrow the image above and create your own post. Please stop by and let me know if you do!

ColorDict and StarDict

I’ve been terrible about reading Italian books lately, so I thought I’d share a bit about the ability to use foreign language e-dictionaries on Android devices. I’m using a Nook HD+ but I rarely, if ever, use the stock reader.

I really wanted an offline Italian dictionary that would work right in the book itself. I’d been having to close my book, open a separate dictionary app, look up the word, go back to my book, rinse and repeat. Talk about slowing down my reading! And obviously I wanted the dictionary to be offline so I could use it whenever I’m reading, internet connection or not. ColorDict and StarDict have made a huge difference!

So here’s the setup I have right now:

1. I installed Moon+ Reader Pro. There’s a free version as well. After trying various e-reading apps, this was the selling point for me: Moon+ Reader (both versions) support ColorDict, GoldenDict, Fora, ABBYY Lingvo, and more.

2. I chose ColorDict, which supports StarDict dictionaries. Installed it on my device.

3. I downloaded a dictionary from this StarDict Dictionaries list.
No need to open the StarDict file, decompress, or anything like that. Simply copy or move it to the sdcard/dictdata directory on your e-reader and voilà! ColorDict and StarDict are a perfect pair: ColorDict automatically starts using StarDict.

You can edit which e-dictionaries are active in ColorDict:


To look up a word in Moon+ Reader Pro:


Here’s the result. I like how it shows the original context at the bottom.


Obviously you can install an offline English dictionary, multiple languages, or keep the online dictionaries enabled – whatever suits your reading needs! Highly recommend ColorDict and StarDict for your foreign language e-reading.