Foreign Language Friday: Planning My 2014 Italian Reads

The purpose of Foreign Language Friday is to encourage language learners to read, share, and discover books in languages other than their native language (in my case, Italian). Feel free to borrow the image above and create your own post. Please stop by and let me know if you do!

In 2013, I read three books in Italian. That doesn’t sound like much, but considering I hadn’t read any since – well, I can’t remember when – I was pretty happy with that. For 2014, I set my goal at three, but I’m hoping to read one or two more than that.

I specifically want to read Italian authors this year rather than translations. With some help from a couple of Italian book blogger friends and fellow bookworms on an Italian mommy message board I’m on, here are the books I now have ready to read sometime this year:

Che animale sei? Mia nonna fuma Per dieci minuti Tobia e L'Angelo

I’m so thankful for e-books. They save me tons of money compared to buying and shipping physical books from overseas!

Do any of you have foreign language reading goals for 2014?