Sunday Salon: Return to Normalcy

What a week. I accompanied I don’t know how many kids for Solo & Ensemble Festival. A lot. I played piano so much last week. It was crazy, and my fingers are tired! My own students did very well. I also played for one of the local middle schools, whose students are always so well prepared. I enjoy working with them. And I may have gained a new flute student or two!

Sadly, I didn’t finish any books last week, although I did get a little bit of reading in. I’m almost halfway through a physical copy of Frog Music by Emma Donoghue. Wow. I’m engrossed. There have been some emotionally difficult portions, too. Those of you who have already read it probably know what I’m referring to.

I’m still reading Sympathetic People by Donna Baier Stein on my Nook, and thanks to a recommendation from my friend Lilly, my spouse and I are listening to the audiobook of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, narrated by Wil Wheaton (he is the reason I chose the audiobook version).

Speaking of Wil Wheaton, I loved his book Dancing Barefoot. It’s short, only 118 pages, and contains five stories which originally appeared on his website. In the first narrative, Houses in Motion, Wheaton describes returning to his late aunt’s house for the first time after her death, which will also be the last time, since her house has been sold. I read this book shortly after visiting relatives in Maine; my first time back up there since my grandmother’s death. It was so weird… so different. I had so many memories flood back, it was overwhelming. So I connected with Wheaton’s story right away. The rest of the stories in the book are wonderful, too, but Houses in Motion is the one I’ll never forget. If you haven’t read Dancing Barefoot, consider it the next time you’d like a novella-length, short story type of memoir. (Perfect choice for read-a-thons!)

Anyhow, this week should be back to normal, for the most part. I have one student participating in a scholarship competition on Saturday, but she’s using the same piece she performed this past weekend. She’s ready. I’m ready with the accompaniment. It’ll be fun. I’m looking forward to a more typical week, especially since I missed reading my favorite book blogs last week.