Top Ten New-To-Me Authors I Read In 2014

1. J. K. Rowling – Yes, yes, I know. I’m so late to the game. I read Harry Potter for the first time this year. This past week, actually. I’ll definitely be reading the rest of the series.

2. John Green – I liked The Fault in Our Stars [review] well enough to want to read more by him, and the comments section of my review gave me plenty of suggestions as to what to read next.

3. Maggie ShipsteadAstonish Me [review] was such a great reading experience. I’ll have to check out Seating Arrangements sometime soon.

4. Neil Gaiman – I don’t prefer to read fantasy, but The Ocean at the End of the Lane [review] makes me feel more open-minded about it in the future. I’m glad this was my first Gaiman read.

5. Rebecca Rasmussen – When I read Evergreen [review], I was impressed by Rasmussen’s descriptive setting and her characters. Very satisfying read, and I’ve heard positive things about The Bird Sisters, as well.

6. Christina Baker Kline – The Way Life Should Be [review] hit me at the perfect time; I was craving a lighter, comfort-type read. Then I learned Kline has plenty of backlist to choose from, too!

7. Mary Doria Russell – Ahhhh The Sparrow [review]. Just phenomenal. I loved it so much I’m almost scared to read more by Mary Doria Russell. My expectations are that high.

8. Caitlin Moran – I know a lot of readers had encountered Moran’s writing through her memoir, How to Be a Woman, but she was new to me with How to Build a Girl [review]. Love her boldness!

9. Gene Luen Yang – I blew through my first Yang graphic novel, American Born Chinese [review]. I’ve heard only enthusiastic comments about Boxers and Saints, so next time I’m on a graphic novel kick, I’ll have to remember to reach for it.

10. Mary Roach – On the nonfiction front, I finally got around to reading Mary Roach this year, with Packing For Mars [review]. All of her titles sound fascinating, and her writing style is completely engaging.

Who was your favorite new-to-you author in 2014?