Flash Readathon Wrap Up

Andi and Heather made a couple of innocent “I need a readathon” comments within my earshot (or whatever you call it online). Which got me thinking…why not have a casual, impromptu one? No need to have a formal host or organizer really (though the three of us kept an eye on the hashtag and answered questions). The idea was to have a very laid-back, free-for-all kind of readathon with real no rules, just lots of reading and chit-chat.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones needing this little “reading flash mob” because wow, so many of you went along with this last-minute idea! It was a whole lot of fun, as you can tell from Twitter and Instagram! I know I’d love to do this again.

I read as much as I could Friday through Sunday, and totaled 588 pages:

– finished That’s Not English by Erin Moore
– finished Fugue by Beth Hetland
– read Lumberjanes #4 by Noelle Stevenson
– read Boo by Neil Smith (sooooo good!)
– started The Wife by Meg Wolitzer

Did you participate?
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  • Isi

    I saw it but what I really needed was a flash bloggiesta, because I have to write more or less a million reviews hahahaha

    • Isi

      not a flash blggiesta, now that I think of it: a very long one 😛

  • Damn girl, that’s a lot of reading! I didn’t get much reading done on Saturday, but I read more than 200 pages on Sunday, which was huge for me. Thanks for “organizing’ the readathon — it was so much fun!

  • Julie @ Smiling Shelves

    See, this is what I miss by not being on Twitter! 🙂 Might just have to change that so I can participate in the flash readathon the next time around!

  • I enjoyed it so much! And it made me feel so productive, too.

  • I loved seeing this take off the way it did. We readers are looking for any excuse to read like maniacs ;D

  • This was such a fun event! I had a ton of schoolwork to do that weekend so I participated as much as I possible could and really enjoyed it!