March 2015 Reading Wrap Up



15 titles in March?! I’ll take it! Certainly can’t claim a slump here. Love the (unintentional) variety. Nice balance between fiction and nonfiction.

So many fantastic reads, too. Only two disappointments in the whole batch: I wasn’t as impressed as I hoped to be with Walking Home. And Coffee, Tea, and Holy Water was a rare 1-star for me—my review posts this Monday. Peaceful Neighbor was fascinating; I now see Mister Rogers in a whole new light. Girl in the Dark blew me away, but Hausfrau packed the most punch. I wasn’t alone in that feeling, judging from the incredible number of comments on our “book breakdown” over at The Socratic Salon. I read We Should All Be Feminists and Dept. of Speculation in preparation for upcoming conversation over there, too. So much to discuss in these two short reads.

Looking forward to a great April, especially with Dewey’s Readathon coming up on the 25th!

  • I wasn’t wrong when I said you were a machine! I’m so jealous of your March and really hope my April goes as well. Can’t wait to dig into Boo!

  • What a great reading month! You’re killing it, lady. I just ordered a copy of We Should All Be Feminists from Book Depository; they don’t have the quickest shipping, but I’m hoping the book comes soon enough for me to join the discussion!

  • Jennine G.

    Wow, you do well! I am jealous. I will never have a month like this. Even in the summer stuff pops up on me. I hope you’re upping your Goodreads Challenge!

  • oh wow! you are one impressive lady! I’ve got to get a move on reading some of the upcoming selections for the new site. I must admit I stopped by the bookstore yesterday just so I could read part of Hausfrau to see if it is as great as all of you said ~ it is! I didn’t buy it though because my stack of books to read and review is obnoxiously huge at the moment. I need one of your March months 😉

  • Lindsey Stefan

    I love your balance between fiction and non-fiction. I try to read both, but some months are better than others!

    Hooray for the readathon! Have you started planning which books you want to read yet?

  • What a great group of books for you in March, Monika! I just discovered the Readathon via Shannon @ River City Reading; I’m so excited!

  • Wow – SO MANY books! And – The Wife…I loved that one, but if I remember correctly, you didn’t as much? I’ve recently added Girl in the Dark and That’s Not English to my TBR…possibly for Nonfiction November.

  • Ciska van der Lans

    That is a great reading month, 15 books! I am so looking forward to Dewey’s too!!

  • You did awesome! A couple of those I’d like to read! Happy April reading!

  • You KILLED it this month with all the reading! I requested Boo on Net Galley and am really hoping I get it! Otherwise I’ll have to wait like everyone else. What did you think of Wonder?

  • Way to go! That’s a lot of titles in just one month. Nice job:)

  • Julie @ Smiling Shelves

    You had some great reads this month (I loved Wonder!!). And 15 books is pretty impressive. Here’s hoping you can keep it up! 🙂

  • Wow, what a great month of reading! I didn’t read any comics in March, but I’m hoping to change that in April.

  • Dayyyyuuummm, look at that month! I didn’t realize just how on fire you were! I can’t wait to get to Boo. Oh that reminds me to go hunt down a copy…wait, did I request it from Netgalley? Oh my word, my memory is the WORST. I’m thinking about ordering the first volume or two of Lumberjanes for the readathon. That should also be called the International Day of Comics/Graphic Novels 😀

  • And this is just March? Girl you’re on fire!
    Happy Easter, Monika 🙂

  • Oh my god, you’re a maniac. Bravo! I hadn’t heard of Peaceful Neighbor, but now I’m intrigued. So excited for my first Dewey’s Readathon!! Hope you have an equally good, bookish April.