Sunday Salon



Feeling // Refreshed! Everyone in my household is healthy again. I got our taxes done Friday evening. C spent Friday night and all day Saturday with my family, so J and I went out to eat a couple times and had completely uninterrupted “adult” conversation. It’s a rarity around here. 😉 Politics, gender, education — we love to discuss and debate with each other even when we actually agree.

Reading // I haven’t read much at all this week, but I am about 40% through Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood and am totally loving it. Can’t wait to see where this goes.

Watching // Finally saw the first episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix, and laughed like crazy. Also watched the first 20 minutes of the film version of Murakami’s Norwegian Wood, but gave up on it. I think I’d rather just read the book again instead.

Trying // We’ve decided to invest in some camping gear and give the great outdoors a try. We need a change of pace, and C will love it. There are a number of beautiful state parks here that offer camping — and right near the beach, which is a huge plus. If you have any tips or suggestions on things we must bring along, let me know!

  • Bug spray and sunscreen. Matches. Lint for starting fires (it makes it so much easier). Tent, lantern, sleeping bags. Trash bags. Pot and pan (don’t really need more). Water (campground water can be iffy). Candles of the citronella sort (seriously, bugs.) Books (because duh.) Hiking boots. Hats. Wear a watch. Food (easy stuff is best, sandwiches, bacon and eggs, hot dogs, burgers). Grill if campground doesn’t have one (they usually do, but ick.). — That should get you started.

    Yay Oryx & Crake! I need to try Kimmy Schmidt.

  • Near the beach? A swimsuit? 🙂 Yep, glad I could be of assistance. 😉

    We liked Kimmy Schmidt but I know of at least one book blogger who was offended by it. Your mileage may vary.

  • I’ve heard great things about Kimmy Schmidt…I need to join Netflix for that and for Bloodline…Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights’ new show.

    • Living a Life in Books Books

      We just finished Bloodline and loved it. The first couple of episodes weren’t great, just okay and we almost gave up on it, but we stuck it out and it picked up pretty quickly after that. It hit its stride around episode 4 or 5.

  • Ciska van der Lans

    Oww I don’t do camping no more. We used to when I was a child and the only thing I can really recall is swimming pools. So I guess a bathing suit.. and I would advice a Swiss knife with 1001 options and something to chase away mosquitoes.

  • Yay, I’m glad the sickness has left! And I’m super jealous of your camping. It’s still not quite warm enough here to go camping. I should probably watch Kimmy Schmidt already. It sounds amazing despite some controversy.

  • One word, well two – pudige pies. My fave is with pizza sauce & cheese… like a pizza pocket. Oh man, I wish I had a fire pit in my backyard so I could make one right now…..

  • So glad to hear you’re all feeling better! I don’t do much camping, but my husband does…he’d probably tell you to bring good hiking shoes, but he loves to torture himself like that.

  • I am such a bad camper. I hate camping on grass, so we only ever go if we can get into one of the campgrounds where you can camp right on the sand. And I hate bugs. Plus I also happen to be a mosquito magnet. The last time we went camping, it rained and I was so happy to cut the three-day trip down to one day!

  • Jennine G.

    So glad everyone’s healthy! It’s so hard when sickness lingers and passes around.

  • Yay! I love weekends like this! So glad you enjoyed time with your family and I, too, laughed like a crazy person (while on the treadmill, no less) during Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt; I love it!