Sunday Salon: Dewey’s Readathon


Readathon // Dewey’s 24-hour readathon just finished up! Unfortunately, I’m sick yet again (a cold? maybe allergies?) so I didn’t participate as fully as I wanted to. Slept through much of the day, but did get some reading in throughout the evening into the wee hours of this morning. Here are the books I read during the readathon:

Other Books Read This Week // I also finished Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation by Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman and read Girl at War by Sara Nović. C and I finished listening to Charlotte’s Web; the audiobook was narrated by E. B. White himself and was just delightful.

Musical Happenings // I have a harp ensemble rehearsal in Alabama this afternoon, concert is next week. We’ll see how that goes, considering my eyes are constantly watering. At the end of the week, I have a dinner with colleagues from our local MTNA chapter. We decided to go kid-friendly this year because, honestly? We’re all friends as well as colleagues. (We always joke that we need to have our executive board meetings at Chuck E. Cheese’s, but it hasn’t happened yet, ha!). So thankful to be part of a close-knit local group like this.

In the News // My spouse and I watched the Bruce Jenner interview together Friday evening for those who don’t already know: I’m demigender, my spouse is transgender). Jenner and family spoke with class, grace, and sincerity. I found his* sister Pam and his son Brandon’s comments especially moving. (*Always respect a trans person’s pronoun preference; for now, Jenner has requested the use of male pronouns.) Overall, national response seems to be positive and supportive. Locally, not so much. A local trans couple we know was interviewed for a brief story on the news here, and the comments are absolutely appalling. I know the general rule is “don’t read the comments” but, when something like this affects you personally, I think it’s smart to keep an eye on it. Regardless, we felt Jenner’s interview was very well done, and so important. If you saw the interview and want to learn more, I’d like to refer you to a transgender book list I compiled during Nonfiction November last year.

  • Sorry to hear about your cold/allergies. I’m in a similar boat here as I’m getting over a cold my wife had, but as I have allergies this time of year anyway, it’s hard to know if I’m really getting over it. Either way, I plan on resting a little more today and tomorrow before going to work later in the day.

    On a separate note, I always enjoy reading your perspective on transgender issues and my wife, which if I’m using the term correctly is “cis-female” too like you, has been interested in reading more about the transgender community, so I’ll share the book list with her.

    • (Correct me if I’m wrong Monika) but ‘cis’ just refers to the fact that you identify with the gender you were born into – so I suspect you are using the term correctly. 🙂

    • Yep, April’s right on the cis definition. Tell K I recommend either of the two Boylan memoirs most of all. 🙂 I actually thought of you when this cold came on (“whoaaaaa this feels like what Bryan described he was going through”)

  • I’m sorry to hear the local reaction was so crappy in regards to the Jenner interview (but you know, the backwater places are always the last to topple to the progressive understanding) – I’m glad that you made it out of the comments section alive. 😉 You and J are both amazing.

  • Vasilly

    I hope you feel better soon. Allergies are the worst. The comments sections are often so horrible. I don’t know why people feel the need to write the most ignorant things. I’m going to check out your book list.

    • I’ve heard that this season is so bad, even people who don’t normally have allergies (me!!) are having a rough time. It’s hard to tell if that’s what it is, but I did spend a lot of time outdoors and with the windows open last week. 😉

  • I think I’d be interested in knowing what the people around me think about something like that, too, so I don’t blame you for looking. I do think there’s a bit of a troll mentality when it comes to social media for local news, though…I would hope that what you’re seeing is a big collection of the worst and missing out on much of the support.

    • Other trans people we know were saying they haven’t really experienced blatant hatred firsthand here, and that other places they’ve lived were a completely different story. So you probably have a good point on the troll thing!

  • Nice job on the readathon, even though you felt under the weather. I didn’t participate but hope to for the next one.
    I thought the interview and his family support was moving also. And I couldn’t agree more with the local comments. I’m fortunate that I was raised in a very open-minded and accepting family but when the topic came up around me I found it very interesting that numerous people didn’t understand a lot of what Jenner went through/is going through. Once again, education and information is key. I didn’t hear any negative comments but the number of “confused” people about the story and information was surprising (to me). More stories like his needs to be shared. Looking forward to check out your list. I did read Gracefully Grayson and loved it as did my daughters.

  • I’m sorry you’re sick, but I’m still very impressed by how many books you got through! I need to read Citizen stat. I loved the Bruce Jenner interview! I think it was so thoughtful and well produced. Checking out your transgender book list now!