April 2015 Reading Wrap Up



Looking back at my April reading… what an incredible month this was! Not a dud in the bunch; I enjoyed every one of these titles. They’re so varied I can’t really choose a favorite. I have April at The Steadfast Reader to thank for getting me to (finally!) read Oryx and Crake. Atwood is a master of dystopian speculative fiction, which is exactly my cup of tea. Can’t wait to finish the trilogy! Also looking forward to The Socratic Salon‘s discussion on The Dinner later this month.

  • You DID have a month of great titles! April was a good one for me, too, and it was so refreshing. I think I’m going to have to get to Oryx and Crake very soon…it’s been on my shelves for too long!

  • Glad you were happy with everything you read this month! I just finished The Dinner and loved it as well! I also intend to read Our Endless Numbered Days soon and have been thinking I need to try Margaret Atwood…it’s kind of a travesty that I’ve never read anything by her. What’s a good one to start with?

  • So glad to hear you had such a good reading month! Mine was pretty stellar, too. I don’t know how I haven’t read Oryx and Crake yet!

  • Lindsey Stefan

    I read Oryx and Crake but somehow forgot to read the rest of the trilogy. Sigh. I should really make an effort to read a series all at once. Otherwise, I forget all the things!!

    Hooray for an awesome reading month!

  • Wow! Such a great list, Monika! You ladies have me very interested in The Argonauts. As Sarah said (below), I’ve heard such great things about Atwood; curious to see what you might recommend. Hope you have a great weekend and another great reading month in May!

  • Great reading month! I was able to score a copy of Girl at War (thanks to YOU!), and can’t wait to get to it!

  • I loved Charlotte’s Web as a kid. I’d like to read The Dinner. Looks great! I’m also curious about the Atwood book having just read The Handmaid’s Tale for the first time recently….
    You had a good month for books. Happy May reading!

  • Oooooh I want to read all of these (except Our Endless Numbered Days, because I already read it and LOVED it). I should probs give Margaret Atwood a try one day. Glad you’re month was good!

  • I was just telling Leah that I’m on the verge of pressing buy on “Citizen.” I think I’ll add The Argonauts to the bunch, too.

  • Nicely done! Got a few of these on my own TBR so I’m glad it bodes well for me 😉 I’m surprised you’ve never read Charlotte’s Web, because really, everyone needs to read it! I am so glad you enjoyed Oryx and Crake — I never went beyond the first book but it makes quite the impact, doesn’t it? Everyone at Socratic Salon is doing a great job (my TBR is insane-r now ;))

    • Oh no, I’ve DEFINITELY read Charlotte’s Web before, many many times over! This was my 5yo’s first encounter with it, and the first time I’ve listened to the audiobook. 🙂 Glad your TBR list is growing thanks to TSS, that makes me happy! 🙂

  • You had a good month, Monika! I’m looking forward to your review of Girl of War!

  • Wow, what a great month! I’m jealous!!