Sunday Salon


Happenings // I didn’t post last Sunday, but C and I started her 1st grade year this month. We school year-round so we can take more breaks when it’s cooler and we’d rather be outside, and to have some wiggle room whenever my work schedule gets heavy during the traditional school year.

April The Steadfast Reader and I talked our friend Heather into starting a book blog of her own. Go check it out and give her some love at Heather Bee’s Book Buzz! You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Heather and I went to a book swap yesterday, which was a lot of fun. Everyone brought some books they didn’t mind getting rid of, we spread them all out on tables, then went around the room and picked up whatever we liked. Extra books are being donated to Open Books Prison Book Project. Here’s what I came home with:


Playing // 42nd Street! A double rehearsal today kicks off tech week, with the show opening Friday night. Here’s what I’ll be juggling:


Cooking // Yep, you read that right. Those of you who know me know I tend to avoid the kitchen, but I’ve been inspired lately! This week I made:

Book Mail // I’m excited about the book mail I received this week from Harper Books and Candlewick Press.

IMG_20150608_233130     IMG_20150609_164708

Finished Reading // The Last Leaves Falling by Sarah Benwell (review posts tomorrow)

Currently Reading // The Other Serious: Essays for the New American Generation by Christy Wampole

  • Pretty much in love with that cover for the MT Anderson book – I hope everything inside is that good!

  • That summer salad sounds so refreshing! And I usually see watermelon salad with feta…I’d love to try it with goat cheese instead. I’ll check out your friend’s blog as well!

  • That frittata looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    I hope C is enjoying the new material. My girls would love to go to school all year round, but their summer break starts next week. Our home project for the summer (when they aren’t at camp) is to write a middle grade novel together. We started it in April, and it’s been so much fun! I’m hoping to keep their math skills up too, but sadly, I think they’re already better at math than I am! Their dad will have to step in there (and it annoys me greatly that we follow traditional gender stereotypes in that area).

  • Sounds like you had a good week! Whenever I see your instrument pictures, it makes me miss playing my flute. I gave it up when I got braces, and maaaaaybe didn’t have the best band leader because that’s what she encouraged. Boo, silly past self Katie for giving up so easily. I’ve pulled it out here and there when I’ve come across it, and can still do a bunch of scales and things – muscle memory. Can’t wait to hear about those new books 🙂

  • I’m pretty envious of your year round schooling! It would be so nice to have more flexibility. The dishes you made sound amazing. I’m super hungry now….thanks! 😉

  • Heather

    Awww, I’m feeling so much blog love between you and April! Y’all are great!!

  • If I visit and that piccolo goes missing, it definitely wasn’t me who took it. C probably sold it for drugs or something. 😉

  • Lindsey Stefan

    42nd Street is such a fun show. I miss doing musicals. I hope you have a great run!!

  • Bryan G. Robinson

    I noticed Heather’s blog…I’m going over there shortly to say hi. Thanks for letting me know about it.

  • That barley salad looks fantastic! I’m going to save these recipes for future reference and thank you! I love the idea of a book swap; I usually take books I’ve read, ARCs, etc. to my women’s running club meetings. Everyone gets to pick what they want and they love it! Hope you have a great week ahead, Monika! Going to check out your friend’s new blog!!

  • That watermelon salad sounds delicious!

  • How exciting. First grade’s a big deal! Uber impressed by the number of instruments you play … all in one performance, too, holy! Your reading fare is pretty amazing too …
    Off to check out Heather’s blog. Thanks for sharing!

  • Wow, what a fun week! The bookmail looks amazing and the swap sounds like such a good time. Congrats to C on starting 1st grade!

  • I know I should make a comment about the books but all I can think is that chili and polenta sounds amazing. OK, who am I kidding, it all sounds amazing! I think we need to start a book club.