It’s Monday, July 20. What Are You Reading?

When it comes to reading, I have been all over the place lately. Picking up books, reading in teeny tiny bursts (and very slowly on top of that), then abandoning the books a day or so later to try something else. I’m not giving up on those books, necessarily; I’m just feeling scattered. Here’s what I have been and currently am reading:



Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee
I finished this last week and have so many thoughts swimming through my mind. I was struck by how applicable (and timely) its themes are today, not only with regard to racial tensions, but a number of other issues as well. Yes, it’s rough around the edges. It’s also beautiful.

Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer
This sci-fi novel sure is perking me up! I love everything about it so far. It’s weird and creepy and thrilling and exciting. Apparently it’s the first in a trilogy—I’m hooked.

Unbowed by Wangari Maathai
I learned about Wangari Maathai last year while working on a Girl Scout award with C. She was such an amazing woman, and her memoir doesn’t disappoint. She is one gifted storyteller! I’ve been reading this book for a month now, which is crazy slow for me, but I’m savoring all of her words.

I Was a Revolutionary by Andrew Malan Milward
These short stories are a bit outside my comfort zone; I’m finicky when it comes to reading history, even moreso when war is involved. But this collection is historical fiction—yes, with an especially heavy dose of history so far—but it also has a distinctly literary feel. The writing is just fantastic. Even though I keep putting this down and picking it up again, I’m compelled to forge ahead.


Speaking of pushing my comfort zone, The Socratic Salon is talking about this very thing today. Check out our discussion The Reading Box: Inside or Outside? and chime in with your thoughts.

  • I hear you on feeling scattered – I had a week like that recently too…couldn’t settle on anything! I’m almost finished with Go Set A Watchman…and I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as you did, but I do agree on relevant themes (also big govt vs. small) and I saw some flashes of the brilliance that was TKAM. But, I had lots of other issues with it as well…

  • I’ve been a scattered Sally lately too. Well no, I was more of a slow Sally? Anyway, diving into Watchman gave me the push I needed. I like that you called it rough around the edges. That’s a great way to describe it.

    Happy Monday, darlin’!

  • I’ve been too afraid to read Go Set A Watchman, but I’m intrigued by Annihilation! I have the audiobook in my Scribd library, and I might have to listen to it when I finish the Aziz Ansari audiobook.

  • I love great short story collections, Monika; thanks for sharing this one! I may need to check this out!

  • I’m going in for the GSaW kill later this week and am really hopeful. I’m planning an intense week of reading this week so I can be a little “all over the place” next week. 😉

  • Annihilation totally didn’t work for me, but I think I’m in the minority, so don’t take my word for it. Unbowed is new to me, so I’m going to have to look into that one a bit further!

  • Must be something in the air with so many of us experiencing a scattered reading week.

    Hope things find their reading groove again soon 🙂

  • I hope to check out Watchman soon and meanwhile reading Circling the Sun by Paula McClain.

  • OH OH OH I see a short story collection!!!!

  • Jennine G.

    Everyone I know keeps asking if I’ve read GSaWatchman and what I think. And I’m just not sure yet! Ugh! Definitely not the same sophisticated writing, but then again Lee never intended to publish it, so who knows what she might have done stylistically if given the chance.