My Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors


No matter the genre or what it’s about…I’ll buy it from these authors!

1. Haruki Murakami – Do I even need to give a reason? If you know me at all, this one is obvious.

2. Aimee Bender – Aimee Bender runs a very close second behind Murakami. I love how imaginative and weird her stories are.

3. Alexander McCall Smith – I’m still catching up on all his backlist but so far, his writing has yet to disappoint. There’s definitely a comfort element here, because I always feel good after reading his books.

4. Emma Donoghue – Every time I’ve read Donoghue, I am completely engrossed in the story. Engrossed as in, ignore my responsibilities and cancel all my plans.

5. Margaret Atwood – I’m a latecomer to the Atwood party, but I’ve been purchasing her books like crazy and enjoying every single one.

6. Susanna Tamaro – This Italian author…sigh. Every sentence is just ravishing, even though she usually writes for a middle grade audience.

7. Mark R. Brand – Speculative fiction, short format. Got hooked on his writing thanks to CCLaP titles Long Live Us and Life After Sleep. I have more waiting for me on my e-reader.

8. Rachel Held Evans – Reading her books is like having a friend who can read my mind and help me make sense of the jumbled mess inside. Her writing is such a comfort.

9. Nadia Bolz-Weber – She’s sarcastic and a Lutheran! She’s completely frank, even when it makes people uncomfortable. And she’s hilarious.

10. Jennifer Finney Boylan – Whether she’s writing nonfiction or fiction, Jenny Boylan’s intellect and kind heart shine through in her writing.


  • Are you proud that Murakami is definitely moving on to my “auto read” list? Soon, auto buy!

  • I would have bet a million dollars that Murakami was the top of your list. 🙂

  • I’m even later to the Atwood party…have yet to read her, but plan to give her a try soon! And I loved 1Q84, but wasn’t as enamored w/ Colorless, which kept Murakami off my list…for now at least.

    • Colorless was easily my least favourite Murakami. Pick up Wind-up Bird Chronicle or Wild Sheep Chase and you’ll have much better luck!

  • I am immensely late to the Atwood party (not even wholly there right now!): I read my first book from her a few years ago but didn’t really like it (Surfacing) but now I have The Handmaid’s Tale sitting on my TBR queue so I’m looking forward to that 🙂 Great list!

    My TTT

  • I’m totally shocked that Murakami is number one on your list 😛

  • Okay, so I’m contemplating Murakami; I’ve never read anything, but I’m intrigued. Should I start anywhere? The one with running in the title would be the obvious choice, right? 😉 I’m excited about Atwood’s upcoming release…yay!! I love Emma Donoghue, as well.

  • I see a few parties I’ve been meaning to join. Soon. I swear.

  • I should have had Emma Donoghue on my list! I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read any Murakami. I’m going to rectify that this year!

  • nerdybookgirl

    Atwood and Donoghue are favorites. Where would you recommend I start with Murakami? I don’t know why, but he initimidates me.

  • Jennine G.

    Well, number one is no surprise! Lol. I assigned an Atwood book as a choice for summer reading. Ever read The Blind Assassin?

  • Isn’t Aimee Bender marvelous? The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake was the first book I ever read using magical realism. I remember thinking ‘this I like. A lot’