January 2016 Reading Wrap-Up

It looks like Elizabeth LaBan officially broke my reading slump at the very end of December with The Restaurant Critic’s Wife, and I’ve been going strong all January. I read 2,740 pages this month: 10 books evenly split between fiction and nonfiction. Amy Poehler’s Yes Please was definitely my favorite (review coming later this week).


This month I signed up for a free trial of TuneIn‘s Premium subscription. I’ve given Audible and Scribd trial runs recently, but quickly got frustrated with their “credits” systems and didn’t stick with either one. TuneIn is an $8 a month all-you-can-hear audiobook buffet! The UI is a little clunky, and it only seems to remember your place in the audiobook if you don’t navigate away to listen to anything else they offer, but I really like the price and the selection (I listened to both Yes Please and Between the World and Me on TuneIn). I’m going to keep the subscription for a while.

2016 seems to be off to a great start!

  • Hooray for a great reading month!

    I have Yes, Please patiently waiting to be read, so I can’t wait to read your thoughts. 🙂

  • Yes, Please and American Housewife are books I’d like to read!
    Happy February!

  • YAY!! I’m so happy to see this! I tried Restaurant Critic’s Wife, but the husband made me so angry I couldn’t finish it. I just got Between the World at the library so am really looking forward to that. Happy 2016!

  • Sounds like a great start to 2016! And Nonsense sounds pretty interesting…keeping that on my nonfiction radar.

  • You killed it this month with all the reading! I too read (or listened, rather) On Immunity and loved it so hard. It was incredibly interesting, and I enjoyed her point of view from all different aspects – historical, social, medical, emotional, etc… Since I work in healthcare (pediatrics) and am about to be a new mom, it was a timely read for me. What did you think?

  • I need to tell my husband about TuneIn. He’s an audiobook fanatic, and this sounds excellent in comparison to the credit system. Can’t wait to find out more of what you thought about your recent reads! The Vegetarian and Welcome to Braggsville are coming up for me

  • Meg

    American Housewife is my favorite of those! Looking forward to your reviews! -Meg ebooksandcooks.com ?