February 2016 Reading Wrap-Up

February was a slower reading month for me thanks to work, but I did read 5 books (2 fiction, 3 nonfiction) for a total of  1,476 pages. I thoroughly enjoyed each of these, although I suppose Schools on Trial was the weakest of the bunch. I’m still gathering my thoughts in an attempt to explain why, but I know Shannon at River City Reading has discussed it. I can’t wait to read her perspective (after I write my post) because I know we have fundamentally similar opinions about education, despite having very different experiences.

February 2016 Reading


Today I’m finishing up The Sin of Certainty by Peter Enns and then…I’ll see where my mood takes me next!

  • I really need to read more nonfiction. I usually like it when I do read it.

  • I’m super excited to read your review of Schools on Trial!

  • 5 is good. Happy March!

  • I do love non-fiction, but it takes a lot longer to read, I find – that’s what puts me off. It messes up my carefully managed reading plan!