April 2016 Reading Wrap-Up

Ten books read in April. Well, that’s what happens during Readathon month, ha! Usually I’m split pretty even between fiction and nonfiction, but this month Brain on Fire and The Bridge Ladies were my only nonfiction reads.

april 2016 wrapup

So many fantastic books here! I’m not sure I could choose a favorite. Pax, George, The Kings and Queens of Roam, and Thursday 1:17 PM are way at the top of the list, though.

I’m currently reading my first Cory Doctorow title, his YA sci-fi novel For the Win. It’s just shy of 500 pages, but since I read so much during Readathon (and the week before, too!) I feel like I can slow down and take a chance on something that’s longer. “Taking a chance” is the key phrase here: To me, chunksters feel like a bigger commitment, so when I’m especially busy, or going through one of those “must read all the books!” feeling—or heck, when I’m in one of those moods where I don’t want to commit myself to anything at all—longer titles aren’t what I normally reach for.

I know I’m missing out on some great reads, though. So tell me, what are some chunksters that you’d put on your must-read list?

  • It looks like you had a good April. I’ve never done a readathon before, but maybe I should. Happy May!

  • You had a great month! A few of those titles caught my attention! Happy May!

  • Did you like The Woman Upstairs? Mostly the first 5 pages were what I loved- so much anger.

    Brain on Fire- terrifying, right? When you have no control over what is happening in your mind?!

    The only chunkster I’ve read this year is British women’s fiction that weighed in at 770 pgs! The author is Penny Vincenzi and actually I would recommend some of her earlier books. Lots of plot but strong women and well-written. Plus, I’m sucker for British life.

    • Hmmm The Woman Upstairs… I totally agree that the opening was the strongest. Still trying to nail down my thoughts on it. It made me think a lot about healthy boundaries, that’s for sure!