June 2016 Reading Wrap-Up

june 2016 reading wrap up

June started out so great. I read Dune: House Atreides, a whopping 681 pages! And Lily and the Octopus . . . it slayed me.

And then…the news, followed immediately by some transphobic drama. (My spouse and There was a solid two weeks where emotionally, I just couldn’t bring myself to read, even though I wanted to. Eventually I tried audiobooks instead, and that worked. I listened to Being Jazz and Tiny Beautiful Things on TuneIn Radio; both were thoughtful and inspiring, and exactly what I needed at the time.

readallthebooksNow I’m having that “read all the books!” feeling. There are so many enticing books are sitting on my shelf! I’m currently finishing up In the Darkroom by Susan Faludi, and will start Grace without God by Katherine Ozment next. I’m well into Dune: House Harkonnen, which will be slightly on the back burner as I pick up some about-to-be-released galleys. I went a little crazy requesting, because so many titles sounded too good to pass up. It feels good to be excited about books, though.

What books are you excited to be reading, currently or in the near future?

  • It’s been so long since I read any of the Dune books- are yo reading them in order? I didn’t read all of them, but loved the ones I did.

    I’m wrapping up British historical fiction via Philippa Gregory, who I adore. She strikes the perfect balance of making me feel I’m learning something with keeping me entertained.

    What did you think of the Faludi book? I wanted to get a copy at BEA but they were gone too fast.

    • I’m starting with the 3 prequels to Dune, then I’ll read the original Dune. 🙂

      I’m not finished with the Faludi yet, but so far it’s interesting…Jennifer Finney Boylan called it “brilliant and kind and disturbing” and, I’m finding that to be true.

  • I’m so so glad you read and enjoyed Tiny Beautiful Things! I’m jealous of your “read all the books!” feeling and totally need some of that.

  • I hope you’re feeling better. Just remember; there’s lots of love out there as well! Don’t let the hate get you down. Please.

    I have never read Dune and I feel like that is a terrible shame. And I really want to read Lily and the Octopus!

  • Happy July!

  • I still need to finish Tiny Beautiful Things which I started forever ago! At least it’s a book that’s easy enough to pick up and put down. Glad you’re reading mojo is returning!

  • I love the new look here! I grabbed a copy of Lily and the Octopus while it was on sale for around $1. Now, to find the time to read it. I’m so far behind in my reading and reviewing, I think my excitement over what’s to come has dropped quite a bit. I’m hoping my mojo will return and the excitement will return with it.

  • I am definitely in Read All the Books mode!!

  • I know that “read all the books” feeling, but it so rarely translates into anything but humming and hawing for me. lol I’m glad audio swooped in for the win. I think I’m going to start Year of Yes on audio on my drive to work tonight!

  • I want to read Girls by Emma Cline!