It’s Monday, June 6. I’m Finally Reading DUNE!

finally reading duneMy spouse L has been trying to get me to read the Dune series ever since…well, probably since we first met. I’ve had good intentions, but I’ve been intimidated (L’s copy of Dune is thick and has tiny print and there are all these weird names I don’t know how to pronounce which aren’t on Forvo).

I enjoy watching sci-fi, but when it comes to reading, it seems like I can only handle shorter formats (short stories, novellas, short novels, that sort of thing). The more characters, species, technology, planets, etc. I have to keep track of, the more likely I am to DNF.

With this in mind, L suggested I start with the prequels. Yeah, that’s “prequels,” plural. THREE CHUNKSTERS (over 2,000 pages) before I finally get to Dune. Really, L?! I have sci-fi commitment issues and you’re asking for THIS?!

I’ve been promised that it will be “totally worth it,” and I’ll “really know what’s going on” when I finally get to Frank Herbert’s Dune. I agreed, on the condition that if I couldn’t get into the prequels, I’d skip ahead to the original Dune.

So this weekend, I started reading Dune: House of Atreides (by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson). And I’m kind of shocked by how much I’m loving it so far! I’m quickly learning the characters and their Houses, the worlds, the politics, and not having to work very hard at all. I don’t feel confused or frustrated. The story is exciting, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

  • Lilly

    I’ve been meaning to read Dune for probably almost as long as you have! There was a Dune computer game my brother and I were obsessed with in the 90s(?), though I’m not sure I realized it was based on a book until several years later. Maybe I’ll finally read it soon too 😉

  • Oh my goodness, I feel overwhelmed just thinking about needing to read 2,000 pages in PREQUELS before getting to the actual book. Good for you for giving it a shot, and I’m glad you’re enjoying it!