Sunday Salon

sundaysalon1Doing // Tomorrow I start my fall semester of teaching after taking a week off. I’ve added some beginner clarinet and saxophone, so I have a lot of variety to my week now. I also dropped my membership in Music Teachers National Association, and decided to try National Federation of Music Clubs instead. It’s a lot less expensive, and offers quite a bit more for my studio.

Celebrating // I turned 40 last week. I’m choosing to celebrate that. 🙂 It’s a little weird, because I can remember my parents turning 40…they seemed so old to me then. (Not so much now, ha!)

Watching // The Olympics, of course! Is swimming exciting to watch or what?! We’ve also started watching The Librarians, which is a little silly, but fun. It has a Doctor Who vibe about it, in a way.

Eating // Gluten free. My mom has celiac disease, and her father did, too. Three months ago I stopped eating gluten because I had symptoms that made me suspect genetics had kicked in for me, too. Three months of zero gluten (my mom was diagnosed in 1990, so I know how to do this!) and then…this Friday night. I accidentally ate (probably a lot of) gluten, and the repercussions were absolutely hellish. Any doubts I had about eliminating gluten have vanished.

On the bright side, C and I have been making Brazilian treats this week as we watch the Olympics. We enjoyed bridgadeiros (chocolate fudge balls) and vitamina de abacate (a slightly sweet avocado smoothie). Sometime this week we’re going to try pão de queijo (cheese bread and happy happy joy joy, it’s gluten free!)

Listening // Finishing up the audiobook of Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler for book club. Also, the “chillwave” station on Pandora is pretty epic.

Reading // I just started A Simple Man by Mark Bacci. Next up will probably be The Man Who Wasn’t There by Anil Ananthaswamy. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Bout of Books 17 (starts a week from tomorrow), because I have a ton of books calling my name!

  • How is Vinegar Girl as an audiobook? I’ve been meaning to read it alongside The Taming of the Shrew. But maybe I could listen to one and read the other…

  • Best of luck with your gluten-free journey! My mom is sensitive (not celiac) and my cousin has celiac disease, so I’m kind of keeping an eye on it.

    I’d love to watch The Librarians. Where did you find it available?

  • I so want to watch The Librarians! I’ve heard awesome things about it. And yeah, at our house we have two channels, so the husband is all “SPORTS!” whenever he comes home. lol. I’m looking forward to Bout of Books, too! I’ll definitely be signing up!

  • Yay – Another Olympic swimming fan! Wasn’t it amazing? The US totally outperformed expectations. I’m posting a recap called “Best of 2016 Olympic Swimming” tomorrow…

    Glad going gluten-free has been working for you. I try to limit my gluten, but am definitely not gluten-free!