Litsy Mini Reviews


Idaho by Emily Ruskovich

This book messed with my head, made me feel so many emotions, and it is beautifully written! I really had no idea which way it would turn at any given moment, and that kept me on edge (often harrowing). I loved the seamless shifts in time and changes in perspective. And let me say again: The writing is gorgeous.

The Mermaids of Lake Michigan by Suzanne Kamata

I did enjoy the writing style and flow enough to keep reading and finish this book. However, the portrayal of the Romani character was so full of outdated and downright offensive stereotypes and clichés, it overshadowed everything else for me. I kept hoping it would turn around somehow, but the harmful representation persisted to the end… it just got worse and worse. Really disappointed in this one.

Children of the New World by Alexander Weinstein

I’m a sucker for speculative fiction, especially when it’s set in the near-future and imagines how we interact with technology. This collection of short stories really hit the spot for me. Some of themes in these stories are jarring and unsettling (even disturbing), while others were more subtle, quiet. I was feeling emotions for things that weren’t even real—or were they? Loved this book!

Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit

Be still, my anarchist heart! Solnit eloquently voiced so many of my beliefs (and honestly? I didn’t know there were any “mainstream” writers who shared those beliefs). I didn’t agree with her on everything, but it didn’t matter: Her writing unites. It’s accessible and no-nonsense, while inspiring people to connect, listen to each other, and appreciate minor differences, allowing the variety of individuals to work together for the good of all.


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  • I’m still trying to figure out how to effectively use Litsy…the photos are throwing me since I read mostly on a Kindle. I didn’t love Idaho as a whole, but did think the writing was gorgeous at times.

  • I really need to take a look at Litsy. I feel like I don’t know how to to use it, or something. I don’t want to just end up posting the same things there as I do on Instagram and Goodreads… I’ll figure it out… or something. I like these little shorty reviews a lot! I’m hoping to get to Idaho sometime in the next millennium 🙂

  • Love seeing these all together! It sounds like I need to read the Solnit book! I have a copy of her next one (I can’t even remember what it’s called at the moment) from BEA and it sounds great, too.

  • I’ve been hearing such mixed things about Idaho! I really want to pick it up and see for myself 🙂

  • Ahhh, love your review of Hope in the Dark. I really bogged down in the middle, but otherwise I found it pretty exhilarating. Will definitely have to check out Children of the New World.

  • I felt the same way about Children of the New World. It evoked a lot of conflicting feelings for me. Some of it was downright bizarre until I stopped to think about it and who knows, these things could happen!

    Hope sounds like a book that could be important reading right now- adding to my TBR.