My New Nook!

Sunday night I took advantage of Barnes & Noble’s special Mother’s Day pricing for the Nook HD and bought myself one. I’ve been happy with my Nook Tablet, but the fact that the HD versions now have the Google Play store… well, the possibilities were hard to resist! So I didn’t even try.

Yes, many of the Nook HD’s features I find exciting, I could do on my smartphone instead. But I like having a larger screen to work with, yet not something as large as my laptop. Also, the Nook HD’s hardware is far, far better than my phone’s. I went with the 8 GB Nook HD Tablet (see image) because I realized I was barely using 1 GB on my standard Nook Tablet. Apparently I do more cloud computing than I realized, and I make very good use of the microSD card.

The Nook HD has Bluetooth! Now I can connect it to my speakers. Normal people would use that for music listening and such (or audiobooks!) but I, being such a sweet and kind private music teacher, will probably use it to blast the Tiny Metronome app at my students.

It also has a microphone! Maybe my other Nook had one as well, but I didn’t use it. The apps I normally use with the mic are on Google Play, not in the Nook app store. Now I can make use of the Hi-Q MP3 Recorder, which I tested in the example below while playing my harp. This is with the Nook HD’s built-in mic, too. Not bad!

And the best thing of all? I can use my favorite keyboard app, SlideIT Keyboard! I recorded this short and simple little video to show why I love this keyboard:

Seriously, if you don’t have a traditional keyboard, SlideIT makes typing so much easier. It’s fast. And fun.

You can also create profiles on the Nook HD. You can specify “child” on a profile, which comes with some tight parental controls. No more worrying about C clicking through to buy apps or losing my place in the books I’m reading. No more cluttering up my home screen with Fox in SocksGo, Dog. Go!, or Cut the Rope. Well, maybe I’ll keep Cut the Rope on my profile. 😉

So, yeah. I’m really happy with this purchase so far!