I’m a Graphic Novel Newb

I’m a total graphic novel newbie, but recently I’ve been thinking about giving them a try. I like watching anime every once in a while, but I’m not really interested in reading it. Same goes for superheroes or other television/movie-related tie-ins. (I hope that makes sense!)

However, after reading this post by Andi at Estella’s Revenge during Armchair BEA and watching this YouTube video by Chelsey at Chels & a Book, I learned there’s a whole other graphic novel world out there, outside of Marvel and manga. I now have a good number of titles on my “would like to try” list so far:


So, I ended up buying Ice Haven yesterday. My spouse is already a long-time graphic novel (especially manga) fan, and she’s agreed to join me for a two-perspective review post whenever we’re both finished reading it. That should be fun! I’m interested to see what different aspects we choose to comment on…

Have you read any graphic novels or thought about giving them a try? Do you have titles to recommend?