Pioneer Girl by Bich Minh Nguyen

  Lee Lien has just earned her PhD in English, but has no immediate job prospects. Upon returning home, she is forced to face her tenuous family relationships and learn to balance her own aspirations with family responsibilities. As a second-generation Vietnamese-American, this also includes figuring out how to reconcile cultural differences between her and her mother. When Lee stumbles upon a pin left behind by an American reporter in Saigon during her mother's childhood, she remembers reading about a pin with its exact description in one of the Little House books. Suspecting that the American reporter from her mother's past may have been Rose Wilder Lane, Lee embarks on an academic adventure that proves to be far more of a…


Sunday Salon: A Fantastic Week

This week has been pretty fantastic.Yesterday one of my flute students, a 10th grader, won a local music competition which came along with a very generous award amount (ending in three zeros!) as well as an additional summer music camp option. She played the slow movement of a baroque piece, using a lot of creative ornamentation on the repeats, and a showy Paris Conservatory contest piece. One judge commented "your palette of colors is so enjoyable!" Best.compliment.ever.The artists-in-residence of the Pensacola Opera visited the preschool at my home church, so I brought C along to see their performance of Little Red's Most Unusual Day (a spin-off of Little Red Riding Hood). It was entertaining, very funny, and the music was just wonderful.In…


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