April 2014 Reading Wrap Up

The Happiest Days of Our Lives by Wil Wheaton The Painter by Peter Heller Stand Up Straight and Sing! by Jessye Norman Astonish Me by Maggie Shipstead The Word Exchange by Alena Graedon Little Island by Katharine Britton Image Map
Only two fewer books than last month. That surprised me considered how much of a slump I found myself in during April. I almost made it to seven books. I’d planned to finish The Last Policeman by Ben Winters yesterday, but was distracted checking up on friends. Anyhow, it’s riveting in a very balanced sort of way: not too heavy, not too light. Just what I need right now.

The links in the image above will take you to my reviews, with the exceptions of Little Island by Katharine Britton, which I loved but have to wait until June 2 to review (for a book tour), and The Happiest Days of Our Lives by Wil Wheaton, which I’ll review soon. I picked up the Wheaton title in a Humble eBook Bundle. I’d never even heard of the Humble Bundle until my friend Lilly emailed me about it (thanks, Lilly!). You basically pay what you want for the bundle, typically made up of graphic novels. There were a couple other titles in that bundle which, although not my normal fare, I may pull out when I’m in the mood for something completely different.

If I had to pick a favorite read from April, I think it would have to be Astonish MeWhat was the best book you read in April?