Sunday Salon & Mini Bloggiesta To Do List

Musical Happenings:

I’m babysitting this concert grand pedal harp while its owner is out of the country. He dropped it off at my place on Thursday, and I’ve been having the best time playing it. The sound is phenomenal and enormous (the harp is enormous!), and learning to use the pedals is fun and challenging.

Today starts rehearsals for a production of The Sound of Music at our local community theatre. I’m excited to be playing this show, and even happier that my folder requires only flute and piccolo. Less equipment to carry back and forth, and no reeds to worry about!

Bookish Happenings:

Saturday and Sunday is Mini Bloggiesta, a virtual event where bloggers work feverishly to fix and freshen up their blogs!

My Mini Bloggiesta To Do List:
– catch up on cross-posting reviews
– get blog archive up to date
– write and schedule any reviews waiting to be posted
– separate the About/Policies into two tabs
– possibly add a Contact Me page

Recently Finished Reading
High as the Horses’ Bridles by Scott Cheshire
   (review posts tomorrow and includes a giveaway)
God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines
   (review coming later this week)

Currently Reading:
Blind by Rachel DeWoskin
Violins of Hope by James A. Grymes

What I’m Reading Next:
The Virtues of Oxygen by Susan Schoenberger
I’ll Give You Something to Cry About by Jennifer Finney Boylan

Are you planning to participate in Mini Bloggiesta this weekend? Don’t forget to sign up!