July 2014 Reading Wrap Up

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July was a pretty great month. We officially started C’s kindergarten year (we homeschool year-round), I started playing in the pit orchestra for The Sound of Music (which continues through much of August), and I read seven books. You can read my review for each of the books above by clicking its cover, with the exception of The Virtues of Oxygen (review coming soon).
My favorite July read? Definitely Violins of Hope, by leaps and bounds. And that’s saying a lot, because most of my July reads were absolutely fantastic.

I’m currently reading Haruki Murakami’s new novel, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage. Last night I had a revelation about its title, and got all goosebumpy. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Murakami? 😉

Bout of Books 11 is coming up on August 18, and you guys, I am so ready for a read-a-thon! I have a ton of amazing books waiting for me. Can’t wait!