Sunday Salon: Prison Books and Free-Range Reading

Well. After reading eight books during Bout of Books, I only read one this past week (The Way Life Should Be by Christina Baker Kline, which I’ll likely finish today).
Yesterday my spouse and I volunteered at Open Books, helping catalog, fulfill, and mail prisoner book requests. They’re finally back on their feet after the flood back in April, and are having a huge book packing party tomorrow for Labor Day. (They are always in need of donations for shipping supplies, if you’d like to help.) I delivered several boxes/bags of books donated by Book-alicious Mama, River City ReadingA Reader’s Respite, and myself, and many of those titles were included in the requests we fulfilled yesterday!
My spouse enjoys reading but reads very slowly (but remembers every.single.detail.) and doesn’t have a lot of spare time to read anyhow. She was helping to select books based on the inmates’ letters, and doing a fantastic job of it. I was impressed with how well she knows books. She’s been holding out on me!
On another note, I’m almost caught up reading advance copies, and then I’m going to free-range read for a while, only requesting ARC’s I feel I absolutely cannot pass up. And HERE is why:
I had to move them from the bookshelf to my desk, and use the “panorama” shot on my phone to get all of these in the photo! Obviously, I have too many books I’ve been dying to read, keep “meaning to read,” and I’m tired of looking at them wistfully.
What book from this shelf would you read first?