Small Fry Saturday: Artsy Boys and Smelly Girls by Elise Gravel


Gender stereotypes, grrrr. I know I’m not the only person who cringes when children are pigeonholed. I cheer for books and toys which promote kids being themselves! C still enjoys a good picture book, so I was excited to stumble upon Elise Gravel’s e-book Artsy Boys and Smelly Girls. It has fun illustrations (just like the cover image above) and its message is easy to understand. Each page features an adjective or an emotion — such as angry, or sensitive — and illustrates it in a way that defies common gender stereotypes. An angry girl, a sensitive boy, etc. Each example is also very normal, which makes such a simple message pretty powerful.

If it were available in print (it’d make a great board book), I’d be buying gift copies left and right! Artsy Boys and Smelly Girls is available in PDF format, in French or English, as a FREE download at the author’s website.

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