Sunday Salon: Reading Little, Hanging On

It’s a good thing I have all my reviews for September already written and scheduled, because I’ve hardly had time to read at all! I’m playing in the orchestra for a local production of the musical Annie Get Your Gun, and unlike The Sound of Music last month, there is hardly a moment to rest, much less get any reading done.

Regardless of my super slow pace, I’m enjoying The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, which is really cute and kind of quirky. I’m also reading an Italian middle grade novel (in Italian) called Tobia e l’Angelo by Susanna Tamaro. It’s about a lonely young girl and the way she perceives and contemplates the world around her. It has a slightly surreal, dreamlike tone which I find so beautiful.

I stopped by the library last week, just ran in to renew my card (it “expires” every couple of years, you just have to confirm your info to renew it in the computer). Of course I couldn’t leave empty-handed: I left with The Bear by Claire Cameron and The Facades by Eric Lundgren, two books I’ve been wanting to read for a while. I have a shelf full of books here at my home waiting to be read, and I couldn’t show self-control during a quick library stop?! (To be fair, they were sitting on a featured shelf right by the exit. Understandable, right?)

Are you able to visit the library and leave without checking out something?