Sunday Salon: Reading Slump, Yet Lots To Talk About

This weekend was Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. I didn’t get to participate fully this time around, but I gave it a try. I ended up reading a bit more of The Republic of Imagination, and listening to about half of the audiobook of Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. If I hadn’t picked up an audiobook, I probably wouldn’t have read anything at all.

This was a sloooooooow reading week. As in, I didn’t read at all except for the audiobook yesterday. We’ve had some (minor) Girl Scout drama which I’ve been agonizing over. This week I finally decided to pull C from the troop we’d joined and I got her switched over to her an Individual Girl Scout membership (also called Juliettes). It sounds all isolated and lonely, but I’ve discovered it’s not — individual scouts can attend any events or camps, and they even have their own newsletter. It’s also an amazingly flexible, self-directed way to participate in scouting. I think it’s going to tie in to our homeschooling style really well (that’s a perk!) and mesh perfectly with how self-directed and internally motivated C tends to be.

Speaking of scouting, last week on Facebook I shared a couple of images of bookish badges from my dad’s old Boy Scouts handbook. In case you missed it, here they are (click for larger view). Check out those rigorous requirements!

Yesterday was exciting for me, though. I finally got to meet Twitter friend Erica Sipes from Beyond the Notes! She presented our music teachers association with a fantastic program on what really goes on in the practice room. Later that day, she led a fun, energetic collaborative masterclass for some of our local music students. Seeing her work with the students was pretty magical. To be honest, her approach doesn’t apply to music alone; I found her perspective on learning as it relates to life in general so inspiring. After the week I had, yesterday was exactly what I needed.

L to R: Erica, my musician friend Victor (also active on Twitter), and me.

I reviewed Erica’s book Inspired Practice last year, so come to think of it, this also counts as my first time meeting an author! 😉

In other news that is both musical and bookish, the soprano/piano version of Eric Whitacre’s setting of Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown was released in print this week. My best friend is an incredible soprano, so I can’t wait to get a copy! (Read Whitacre’s explanation of how this piece came about, it’s really sweet).

Wow, I had a lot to say considering my reading stalled out this week. I have nothing special beyond my usual teaching schedule this week, so I’m hoping to get out of my little slump.

Have a great week!