Sunday Salon

Time/Place // 12:30 p.m. I just got home from church. Catching a quick bite to eat, then I’m off to take C to her Girl Scout meeting.

Eating/Drinking // I found a cute coffee shop downtown that I’ve never been to before, so I’m thinking I’ll give it a try while C is at Daisies.

Watching // The Walking Dead returns tonight! Also have this weekend’s episode of Doctor Who in the queue.

Listening // I’ve been into the Pandora Astor Piazzolla station lately.

Reading // I finished reading Diane Cook’s Man V. Nature, which was phenomenal, really. Friday night I started Azar Nafisi’s The Republic of Imagination: America in Three Books, and ending up needing to go out to buy more post-it flags.

Anticipating // Next Saturday I’m looking forward to meeting Erica Sipes, author of Inspired Practice [my review]. She’s presenting a program about what really goes on in the practice room at our music teachers association meeting. Later, she’s giving a “collaborative” masterclass, during which one of my piano students will be accompanying another teacher’s voice student. Can’t wait!

Have a great week!