Nonfiction November Week 1: My Year in Nonfiction

This week’s discussion is hosted by Kim of Sophisticated Dorkiness.
Take a look back at your year of nonfiction and reflect on the following questions – What was your favorite nonfiction read of the year? What nonfiction book have you recommended the most? (I’ll post about this later in the week) What is one topic or type of nonfiction you haven’t read enough of yet? What are you hoping to get out of participating in Nonfiction November?

I’ve read 26 nonfiction titles so far this year; 14 by men, 12 by women. Violins of Hope by James A. Grymes has been my favorite, but Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi runs a very close second. I’ve definitely recommended Violins of Hope the most. I think of that book at least a couple times a week.

As far as what type of nonfiction I want to read more of… well, I look at my list, and it’s kind of all over the place, genre-wise. It’s definitely heavy on the memoirs. I think history is probably the weakest area for me. I tend to gravitate toward biographies or music history. I’d like to branch out more on the history front but I admit, it usually intimidates me. It’s so exciting when an author brings a topic to life, but sadly, more often than not I’ve been bored by dull, dry history writing. The exceptions I’ve read are so fantastic, I know there must be more out there. I’d like to try to find them.

By the end of Nonfiction November, I’m hoping for the nonfiction shelf of my TBR list to be bursting at the seams!