5 Favorite Books Recommended By Others

I’ve been accused by a certain someone mentioned in #4 below of being a book pusher. Well, what goes around comes around! Here are five of my favorite reads in 2014, all recommended to me (directly or indirectly) by other people.

1. The Sparrow. Recommended by Andi at Estella’s Revenge in this wonderful BookTube review. I couldn’t stop thinking about this book. I have yet to read the sequel, Children of God, because I’m afraid my expectations going into it will be too high.

2. To Kill a Mockingbird. Pretty much everyone recommended this classic, which I read for the first time this year. Michele at A Reader’s Respite basically told me to stop everything, forget the world around me, and read it. Wow. This left me with a major book hangover. I thought of it often these past several weeks, especially.

3. The Giver. This was recommended to me by one of my 7th grade piano students, who gets so animated when discussing this book I knew I had to read it before she completely spoiled it for me! Very glad I did. The…benevolence?…of the oppression in this society made for an interesting spin on the kind of dystopian novels I normally read.

4. Two Lovely Berries. I reviewed this book only yesterday, but this is a wonderfully satisfying self-published title that pulled me out of a reading slump. Katie at Words for Worms is to fault for this recommendation.

5. The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Shannon at River City Reading surprised me in the mail with this one. I want to enjoy reading fantasy. I never enjoy reading fantasy. I enjoyed this fantasy novella!

Tell me: What’s the best book you’ve read this year that was recommended to you by someone else?