#AMonthofFaves Introduction

This month I’ll be participating in the A Month of Favorites event, hosted by Estella’s Revenge, GirlXOXO, and Traveling with T. All month, we’ll be discussing our favorite books (and book-related things) from 2014. Much of my December tends to be insane work-wise (musicians are popular this time of year!), so I thought it’d be a fun, stress-free way to continue blogging this month.

My Reading Year

Number of Books Read: As of today, I’ve read 84 books. My Goodreads goal for the year was 100; I’m not going to reach that.

General Stats: 34 e-books, 47 print, 3 audiobooks. Only 1 in Italian; my goal was 3 (sigh). 52 were ARCs or tour books, 12 were library books, and 20 were books from my own shelves. 56 were fiction, 28 were nonfiction.

When I Read: Readathons gave me the biggest boost thanks to lucky timing (many of them happened to fall on light work weeks). Otherwise, I get most of my reading done late at night, during the day in between students, or during C’s swim lessons. Since C started school this year, I do feel like there’s been a struggle to find a balance between homeschooling and my own time/energy to read here at home. But you know, 84 books so far; I can’t complain!

Author Whose Books I Read Most: This year I read Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage and What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, and I’ll be devouring The Strange Library this weekend, so it’s safe to say I’ve read Haruki Murakami more than any other author this year. Who’s surprised?

A Clue About My Favorite Book of the Year: Yeah, if I have to pick just one, anyone who reads my blog will be able to guess this. The clue has already been given!