My Year in Nonfiction (So Far)

It's time for Nonfiction November! Week 1: (Oct. 28 to Nov. 1) – Your Year in Nonfiction (hosted by Julz of Julz Reads): Take a look back at your year of nonfiction and reflect on the following questions. What was your favorite nonfiction read of the year? My favorite nonfiction read of the year so far has to be Pema Chödrön's Welcoming the Unwelcome. She is so kind, wise, and down to earth. Do you have a particular topic you’ve been attracted to more this year? I gravitate heavily toward memoir when it comes to nonfiction. I enjoy reading about others' experiences and learning from them. What nonfiction book have you recommended the most? The audiobook of Split Tooth by…

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Myers-Briggs Book Personality Tag

What's your Myers-Briggs book personality? I saw this fun bookish activity over at Feed Your Fiction Addiction. If you want to do this prompt, first take the Myers-Briggs test, then grab the questions that match your results (originated by Jaded Reader) and answer them in your own post. I had to take the test because I didn't know my type. Apparently I'm an ISFJ-A (the A is for "assertive" which, haha yeah, that's accurate). I can definitely see myself in these adjectives, although I think I'm not very traditional. And yes, I may follow rules, but I can see right through unjust rules and will seethe about it internally (or ignore it completely, depending on how it affects others). (I) INTROVERT:…


Picture Books Supporting the Girl Scout Daisy Global Action Award

C has been working on earning the Global Action Award for Girl Scout Daisies, which uses the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) "to teach Daisies about critical world issues and how they can make a difference." What better way to start learning about these issues than through books? There are some wonderful picture books out there that touch on (or even tackle) these heavy topics in an age-appropriate way. These topics are tough, so if you have a sensitive child, consider pre-screening the books and remember, Daisies only have to complete a minimum of one activity from the requirement list in order to earn the award. Here is the book list I came up with, each book coupled with its corresponding…


Book Community Happiness

After the book blogger shout-outs yesterday, I was on a roll. There's so much I love about book blogging (which is why I do it!). Once I set aside distractions and started thinking about that, the reasons why kept coming.We understand each other.from agirlandhershows, Tumblr1. You think nobody else can possibly love your favorite author as much as you do...and then you make a bookish friend who names her kitten after him! [via Leah]2. Dogs aren't much different than children when you're trying to read. [via Shannon]3. Fellow non-fiction enthusiasts unite! [via Katie W.]We spread bookish joy.from bumblebookbees, Tumblr4. Because of someone's post, you start reading material you'd have never given a second glance to otherwise. And you're sold. [Andi does this to me a lot.]5. You can…


7 Book Bloggers Who Make Me HAPPY!

Veteran or newbie, who cares? There are plenty of book bloggers who never fail to bring a smile to my face, whether it's through their social media presence, their insightful reviews, or usually, both. To be honest, I think book blogging as a whole is a positive, inspiring, amazing community. Here are seven favorites I offer as proof! In no particular order:1. Karen at One More Page...Twitter: KarenmfaI'm not even sure how to sum this gal up. Go look at any of her tweets or posts. Karen is a sweetheart, and super intelligent!2. A.M. Blair at The Misfortune Of KnowingTwitter: KoivioletA. M. offers so much insight. Her reviews tend to have an interesting spin and a personal perspective. She pours heart…


Sunday Salon: A Comics Week

Setting // Saturday night, 11:30 p.m. It's currently 53 degrees in my part of Florida. I know, that was unnecessary, wasn't it? We have a teensy tiny chance of snow Tuesday night.Cookies // Girl Scout cookies arrived this weekend! C and her new troop (which is so wonderful) has a cookie booth later today. I'll try to post the cuteness on Instagram.Reading // I finished up Hyperbole and a Half in Italian and Free to Learn by Peter Gray. I'm about to start This House Is Not For Sale by E.C. Osondu.The bulk of my reading this week turned out to be a graphic novel/comics binge. A little bird told me about Comixology. I read An Age of License by Lucy Knisley and felt…


Top Ten Graphic Novels I Want To Read

A year and a half ago, I posted about being a graphic novel newbie. Since then, I've read a few of the titles I listed in that post and am far more open to this genre than I was before, but I'd still like to include more graphic novels in my reading. Thanks to bloggers like Andi at Estella's Revenge and websites such as Panels, I have a pretty great list of more possibilities. Here's my Top Ten Tuesday list of Graphic Novels I Want To Read (click on a cover to read more about it on Goodreads):About half of these are available at my local library, and most of the others are available through interlibrary loan. I also have…


Bookish Resolutions For 2015

I've been thinking about what I'd like to change about the way I blog and the way I read (and how those two intersect) for a few months now. This month, I've given most of the items on the list below a test run. My theme for 2015 is to cut out unnecessary tasks, and read freely. Here are my top five resolutions for this new year:1. Thanks to this post by Valeria at A Touch of Book Madness, I've started using Asana to organize the blog. I've already found that it saves me time, and it also meshes perfectly with the way my brain wants to organize and keep track of tasks.2. Although I like the images I've been using this year…


#AMonthofFaves: Picking Favorites

There were a lot of great posts this second week of A Month of Favorites, but my favorite by far was:5 Most Useful Blogging Toolsby Valeria at A Touch of Book MadnessThis is such a helpful list! I learned about two sites I knew nothing about: Piktochart for creating infographics, and Asana for getting organized. Lately I've been feeling like my notes and reminders for the blog are scattered around in too many places, so I'm going to be spending a chunk of time learning more about Asana in the coming weeks.


The 5 Most Useful Books in My Music Studio

Today's prompt for A Month of Favorites is 5 Most Useful Digital Lifehacks or 5 Fave [insert something non-bookish here]. I decided to do a mash-up of the two and keep it bookish.1. The Simple Flute [review] by Michel DebostWhen I have a teaching issue (or even a playing issue) related to the flute, this is where I turn first. Everything about the book's organization makes it an easy and quick reference. Debost explains through text and musical examples.2. Lyric Preludes in Romantic Style by William GillockThese 24 short pieces for the piano cover all major and minor key signatures. They're imaginative, fun, and impressive, and perfect for intermediate to late-intermediate piano students. My students love playing these, and to be honest,…


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